Blogging Income Secrets Exposed

Whether you’re blogging to sell your own product or blogging to promote affiliate products, your blog will (if done correctly) visit your website many times. You can increase the amount of traffic. The secret is to have some long keyword phrases that brake people, stop what you are doing, and get you to read your blog. This is not as easy as it sounds, as most bloggers use non-useful information when writing a blog. Sharp, clean, sharp, get the point!

The secret of the blog is revealed

Here are 7 common mistakes

1. Believe that people read the entire report / article. To be honest, people have trouble reading all the content on your blog. It is a known fact that less than 20% of people read all content. People tend to flip through the material until they find something they are interested in, so understand the point and do it quickly before you lose it.
2. Do not use keyword phrases in the first line of each paragraph. This is a good idea. Look at 1 above again. I don’t read the entire blog or article, but I’m looking for something good, so I need to face it from the beginning and get interested. Make sure your article / blog contains more useful ones and has less nonsense!

3. Do not use bullet points or numbers. It also helps people have a skim tendency. If you use bullets or numbers, scrolling will stop for a few seconds. Just there and have it, so you need a high quality keypoint that appears just after the bullets or numbers. 4. Do not promote your product or affiliate on your blog. Blogs aim to inform people, entertain people, think first, and then sell something. If you are willing to try to market first, your readers may feel pressure and probably leave your eyes forever. Set up your blog to be honest about your interests and needs. Make sure you earn trust and trust, and you can focus on selling later.

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5. Do not include URLs or websites in your blog or article. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make and I’ve seen it. Some bloggers write quality posts and articles and forget to add contact information. The URL of your website should be pasted into your post or article. A month from now, people may not remember what you wrote, but they may remember from which website the post came from.
6. Make the publication or article too long. It’s easy to get rid of you by writing an article that is too long. Remember that people haven’t read what they have read. Get the point and do it quickly. It’s best to think less. If your article or blog is longer than 750 words, you may lose readers sooner rather than later.
7. Please do not submit the publication as an article. This is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. When you submit your blog as an article, you’ll see a backlink to the site. People will visit many times, these are called sticky items. If you have the correct keyword placement in your article, Google will rank you higher in quality content and Google. However, there are some rules that Google must follow in order to submit and rank articles.
NS. The percentage of keyword density should be low (2-5%). This is the number of times the query appears in the article. Google slaps you because your keywords are pasted in every of your articles, so you have to choose about your location. Anything with a keyword density above 10% will be attacked by Google.
NS. You will need to have the article submitted by an agency such as Ezine Articles. It also contains important guidelines that you need to follow. That is, do not mention the website URL in the first three paragraphs of the article. It’s a good idea to put it in the fourth and last paragraphs.

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