PAIN From Undiagnosable Sources

When I started working on humans’ energy field in the early 1980s I was unaware about what astonishing revelations would unfold. Over the years, with the blessing of numerous clients I felt and was guided through a variety of sensations in the body’s biofield that told the story of the symptoms of the person.

What was truly remarkable to them as well as to me was that, after the biofield anomaly was addressed, those symptoms vanished.

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For clarification before we go any further, I most often refer to a ‘biofield’ which can also be referred to as the morphogenetic fields, the aura, the energy field or the energy field, etc. It is basically the space that surrounds the body that is about 3′ for most people, from toe to head, front to back. It is best seen as da Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing.

For me personally, I believe that the human biofield is nothing more than a different name for the spirit or soul, as it holds every moment of this lifetime and beyond and must be treated with respect. The recent growth of body-mind-spirit therapy gives us hope that healing and cures are possible when subtle energy are identified.

Though they’re invisible to the majority of eyes, the patterns and streams of subtle energy being emitted by the biofield around the body are visible on the web site, as an instance.

To help with this article, let me offer an insight into undiagnosed pain that may not be recognized – that there are many types of pain which express in various ways for different individuals.

Consider physical pain, as an example, when no ‘reason to explain it has been identified. Most common is phantom pain typically experienced by amputees. Here I would find an intense energetic disturbance within the biofield region surrounding the amputation. That is the biofield itself, not in the physical arm or leg.

One way to tell whether the biofield has been involved in post-op or post trauma cases of pain is to examine the site of injury. When a wound or incision heals, in time, the area around it heals to be as white as the skin. When there is still issues in the biofield, the borders of the wound tends to remain reddish or dark pinkish rather than scar-tissue whitish.

Another problem in the biofield, which can cause pain is a feeling of a vacuum feeling or the leaking in life force energy from the biofield.

This means that when an injury occurs, it’s not only documented in the body and in the mind however, it is also recorded on the biofield. Although the body appears to recover, the injury sometimes is ‘locked’ as well as frozen. In the following days, the biofield replays that injury on the body, similar to as a needle stuck to the back of a record.

Now , you must realize that the biofield isn’t distinct from the body. It’s not just around our body. It it also penetrates it in a vast energetic field that is subtle. An energy field that has memory, as the mind and cells of the body .

The body and the field and the mind are always in communicating with one another. So if one of those tells the other there’s a problem or an injury, the other people will be aware of it and react in a similar way, sometimes with the sensation of pain or physical discomfort in the body.

On my YouTube channel,, I discuss many of the anomalies and presenting symptoms I worked with over the years, both in person and on a remote healing basis, as well as how the biofield can be restored and symptoms alleviated, often in one session.

But there are other types of pain that I feel go disregarded yet fall into the same category as not diagnosable physical pain. These include


Panic attacks

Over-reactions to emotional stress







I usually think of these “symptoms” as pains of the mind or heart or of the emotional system. All as real and tangible to the sufferer as any physical manifestation. It is a good thing that they can all be frequently resolved by paying treatment of the biofield. Unfortunately, many are mistreated with medications that hinder and don’t heal the symptoms.

I’ve described a few cases I’ve worked with through the years that fell into these categories in my videos with the title of “Energy Healing & the Human Biofield.” They also explain how these issues can be eased or eliminated using a gentle energy healing that I show you how to perform or call me.

How far off is the medical establishment of the past from realizing the importance of taking into account the role of in the subtle healing of energy and also the human biofield? The good news is that there is currently a plan in the works at the National Institutes of Health to investigate exactly that. We’d like to see it validated and eventually becomes part of our medical options.

Until then, as many of you are venturing out of the box in search of treatment, health maintenance and well-being, I want to thank you for having an open-mindedness and willingness to thinking that subtle energy might be beneficial, and with no side-effects. This is a good thing. We are more than what we appear to be. Let’s be open to the wholeness of us.

Cheryl Salerno is a ULC Minister and energy healer, with over 35 years of experience who specializes in the distant or distance healing method. She also sells and uses the fantastic Trinfinity8 Recovery & Restoration System in her healing work. Cheryl specializes in post-operative and post-partum healing problems along with issues healing following sports injuries or auto accidents PTSD or falls and assaults. She has worked successfully with clients around the world.

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