Reasons And Results

Never things what, however, results count more than explanations or reasons.

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We can put reality off, sure, indeed though, time doesn’t play favorites especially with individuals who procrastinate in their fantasies, or find weak excuses”to not do it”. Only genuine results rely, and every effort must be made to attain those results or we’re guilty of”attempting to circumvent time”.A personal story: When my Dad lost his foot in 1979 and thought diabetes was about to carry his life afterward, it changed his reality in the sense that he did more with me in that thirty decades of life until 1991 when he died than he’d have done if he were given a hundred extra years of existence, life and additional youth.With the above said, no matter how we try to trick, play or stopping games with time. Time and reality are constantly catching up with us in a simple and steady way.So, think about this simple fact, the concept of procrastination is your ultimate destructive confidence game we play on ourselves if we aren’t careful, honest with ourselves and conservatively realistic with what we actually want in life and presence. The big question you should ask yourself because I ask myself all the time is: Exactly what would I rather have or deal with, reasons (excuses) or results (real cause and effect)? Oh, it’s a hard question to consciously pose yourself, but it is always needed in each way because in a very deep level of the subconscious mind it boils to the conscious mind anyway sooner or later, so it truly is now or not in every manner. In fact comes down to cause and effect, not explanations. Action and thinking on your feet in the now really is what it comes down to. Excuses and attributing are the weakness which never works. The step of a successful consciousness is action. The step of a consciousness that fails is excuses.We all must choose what we do with our own lives, pursue reasons or create effects. That is it. Reasons are promissory results and debts are full on cold hard money in hand. I can only finish with these words: Think, Act and then Generate effects!My name is Joshua Clayton, I’m a freelance writer based in Inglewood, California. I also write under a few pen-names and aliases, but Joshua Clayton is my real name, and I write by that for the most part today. I am a philosophical author and objective thinker and honest actions taker.

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