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Download Real Racing 3 Hack Tool

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Stardom Hollywood – Making Use of Hacks in Games

Stardom Hollywood is a wonderful game, that is filled with hope that even a normal person will be able to become a famous Hollywood actor or actress, although in the virtual world. It is a very addictive game, and very much fun to play. However, there are a lot of things that you need to do in order to get to making it very big in Hollywood. So, if you’re not willing to undertake such kind of boring tasks, and you actually want to directly climb the ladder to success, it is important for you to make use of automated software in order to generate stars and cash, the required currency in this particular game.

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Racing Rivals Hack Tool

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Brand Watches – Ferrari Scuderia

Are you interested in special kinds of watches? Watches that are just made to show luxury? Not just fashion, but bling and style? Well, here’s an article about a brand that makes those watches: none other that Ferrari.

Ferrari watches, like their cars, are state-of-the-art machinery designed for perfection. Watch a quick video below about the Ferrari Scuderia watch.

Ferrari Scuderia features:

  • Analog Quartz Movement
  • 50 Meters / 165 Feet / 5 ATM Water Resistant
  • 44mm Case Diameter
  • Mineral Crystal

This watch comes with a hefty price tag of about $400, but the quality makes up for the price. If you’re considering about purchasing a Ferrari Scuderia, please read this quick review from one of our users:

Prancing Horse at the 12 ferrari watcho’clock position. Another favorite of mine is the Scuderia watch that braces to your wrist with black bracelet like Ferrari’s Pirrelis grip the track. This watch gives more of a low-profile style — not as much in your face. It has a tachymeter bezel and offers chronograph functions, with the subdials emulating the gauges on the car dash. The entire collection of new timepieces retails from about $125 on up to approximately $700 or so depending on the model.


Thanks for reading this article. Stay tuned for more watch reviews!

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Submariner vs. Seamaster Comparison [Rolex]

Technical Specifications (Sub vs. SMP)

Case Diameter: 40mm – 41mm

Cal. Number: Rolex 3135 – Omega 2500
Automatic?: Yes – Yes
BPH: 28.8k – 25.2k
Power Reserve: ~40 hours – 48 hours
COSC Certified?: Yes – Yes

Material: 904L Steel – 316L Steel
Waterproofing: 300m – 300m
Screw-down crown?: Yes – Yes
Helium Escape Valve?: No – Yes
Crystal: Sapphire – Sapphire
Anti-reflective coating?: No – Inside only
Luminous Material: Green Super-Luminova – Blue Super-Luminova
Unidirectional Rotating Bezel?: Yes – Yes

Price (UK RRP): £3890 – £1860

The Aesthetics

With the introduction of the black dial on the SMP, there is very little to distinguish between the two at a glance, at least with an untrained eye. Indeed, the basic dial layout of dots-and-dashes hour markers is the classic dive watch look – simple, practical, legible. The biggest difference on the dial itself is the finish – the Submariner goes for a gloss finish, whilst the Seamaster adopts a wave finish, designed to reduce glare whilst diving.

The other large cosmetic difference on the face of the watch would be the cyclops magnifying bubble on the Sub – although some really don’t like this feature, I, for one, think it’s an essential part of the Rolex look, and handy for looking at the date quickly. The date window on the SMP is pretty small, and can be difficult to read at a glance. As a general rule, the Submariner is a lot shinier than the Seamaster, owing to the gloss finish and lack of AR coating, and whilst this makes for a “dressier” look, it could be a potential problem for legibility in bright light.

As such, there is little to separate the watches in terms of aesthetics, and it really boils down to personal preference. For me, the Rolex just edges it in this respect.

The Bracelet

It’s my personal view that the bracelet is just as important as the watch head when considering a watch – after all, the bracelet and clasp determines the “feel” of the watch, and dictates how comfortable it is to wear every day. Certainly, there is a large difference between the two watches in regards to this.

The Submariner uses a brushed-finish Oyster bracelet, with solid end links, but hollow centre links, whilst the SMP uses an exclusive bracelet with polished higlights and solid links throughout. The first thing that I noticed with the Submariner bracelet is just how light the bracelet felt – a positive for someone who wants a dive-watch without the typical dive-watch heft – but also how rattly it felt. One has to bear in mind that the 16610 was launched 20 years ago, and it really is beginning to feel like its age. Submariner enthusiasts will point out that it’s a strong and reliable bracelet, ready to take the abuses of every day life, and I completely agree. However, when you put it against one of the new-style Rolex bracelets, such as the one on the GMT IIc, the Submariner’s band just feels cheap.

The Seamaster’s bracelet, on the other hand, gives the wearer a feeling of confidence. It’s substantial without being overbearing, and sits nicely on the wrist. It also looks a little dressier than the Rolex’s, with the polished sections of the links just giving it a little bit of contrast.

There’s a similar story with the clasps – the best word to describe the Submariner’s clasp is outdated. It still uses the folded-metal clasp, which is wafer thin, and, to be quite frank, would feel wrong on a £500 watch, let alone a near-£4000 watch. Again, it can be argued that it’s served it’s purpose for a long time, and I won’t deny that, but placed against the brilliant Glidelock clasp (see the Deepsea Review if you haven’t come across it yet), it feels like an ancient relic:

The Omega uses a push putton deployment clasp which won’t have the same problems with the blades bending over time like the Submariner. It feels like a more heavy-duty clasp as well, and the quality of the engineering can’t be faulted. Indeed, some argue that Omega’s clasps sparked Rolex’s drive for updating their own clasps. Omega wins convincingly here.

The Practicality

The Submariner has long been known as one of the best all-rounders out there – bash it around by day, and it’ll still look perfect with a tuxedo. It truly is one of the watch world’s greatest chameleons. The “James Bond” aspect has a lot to do with this, and applies to both watches – for someone who wants just one watch that can do everything, then the Sub or the SMP is a worthy choice. Neither are particularly chunky, so wearing one under a cuff isn’t an issue. There’s virtually nothing to distinguish between the two in this respect. A tie.

Value for Money

As I’ve asserted throughout the article, in many respects, the SMP is the equal of the Submariner, and in other respects, its superior. Indeed, the biggest difference between the two watches is the price, and I don’t think this reflects the quality of the watches – the Submariner certainly isn’t double the watch that the Seamaster is. It should also be noted that, due to the use of the Co-Axial escapement in the Seamaster, you get a 3 year guarantee on the Omega, as opposed to the 2 year on the Rolex. When buying new, there’s also a bigger scope for discount on a Seamaster as well – most ADs will be unwilling to give more than a token discount on a Submariner owing to its continued popularity. Whilst buying new makes the Omega the rational choice, one also has to take into account resale value, and this is where the Rolex really comes into play. You can always rely on a steel sports Rolex to hold a substantial amount of its value, even a few years down the line. However, the depreciation on an Omega is brutal, and you’ll struggle to sell it for muh more than half the RRP a year down the line. In some respects, you are paying extra for the Rolex marque, but it will help to give you a better return should you want to move on further down the line

However, it must be noted that an updated Submariner is expected to be launched in March 2010, hitting ADs in this country in around October/November. Whilst this might spark a small spike in demand for the 16610 as its phased out (in th same way there was a small hype for V-series Sea-Dwellers before the arrival of the Deep Sea), in the long term it will, in all likelihood, give second hand values of the 16610 a beatung. As such, the Submariner isn’t quite the safe investment that it used to be.

Omega wins on value for money.


The Submariner 16610 has done the Rolex range proud for the past 20 years, and I’d argue that it’s the pinnacle of 20th Century dive watches. The allure that it’s created is simply phenomenal, and the fact that it’s lasted such a long time pays a compliment to Rolex’s overengineering at the time. However, its time has come to an end, and for the past few years, the Seamaster has been the sensible choice. I expect things will shift back into Rolex’s favour come Basel 2010, and I can’t wait for the rebirth of such an iconic watch.

If you asked me tomorrow which one to buy, I’d personally go for the Seamaster – it’s quite possibly the best value luxury watch on the market. However, regardless of a rational approach, the Submariner does have the Rolex “magic,” and that, for some, will be enough.

On a final note, if you want to get your hands on a new 16610, don’t hang around – according to sources on TRF, Rolex USA has already run out of stock of them, and won’t be getting any more steel Subs until the new model arrives. I don’t know for certain whether this will be the case in the UK – as far as I’m aware, Rolex UK still has supplies in stock.

Rolex Daytona 116520 Review

This review is a mix of both professional and user revision. We professionally reviewed the watch, as well as took a user’s opinion about it. And here is what we came up with:


  1. The movement is very accurate and reliable (+/-1 second a day)
  2. The winding is silky smooth and precise.
  3. Actuating the chrono buttons are crisp.
  4. This is perhaps the best chronograph I have experienced. I have had a gaggle of Lemanias, Valjouxs, Universals and Zeniths in various cases…Omegas, JLCs, IWCs, Zenith over the years. This movement and case combo is heads and shoulders above those.


  1. Aside from the polished lugs, the case is bullet proof.
  2. Screw down chrono buttons are a little bit of a hassle.


  1. I am impressed, it’s much better than the old bracelets, the clasp is great and the micro adjustment is very handy.
  2. PCLs are scratch magnets.


  1. I would have preferred a Matte dial like the new Exp 2.
  2. It is busy and the skinny hands are difficult to read.
  3. I often find myself getting lost admiring the balance of the design when I glance for the time. Only to look at it again to actually check the time.

Although is is very shiny, the movement and design make up for the over bling. So all in all I liked it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a brand new luxury watch.

Here’s a picture of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520 (Stainless Steel)


Why do Most People Love Seiko Watches? Review and Comparison

Another big watch brand from Japan that many people know about is Seiko. This giant is one of the oldest manufacturers with over 130 years in watch making history.

And if you pay a bit attention to history, you will know that this brand is the first brand to introduce the Quartz-powered watch to the world. And today, Seiko mens watches are among the most searched for products that everyone wants to have.

Seiko makes mechanical watches that receive little to no love from U.S.-based watch buyers. When they think Seiko, they think of a cheap quartz number their overweight high school science professor used to wear.

Here’s a comparison between 3 Seiko Watches

Product image
Rating 4.4 4.1 4.7
No. Reviews 120 679 150
Watch movement Japanese Quartz Automatic Japanese Quartz
Display type Analog Analog Analog
Crystal material Hardlex (Mineral) Hardlex (Mineral) Hardlex (Mineral)
Case material Titanium Stainless steel Stainless steel
Band material Titanium Canvas Stainless steel
Bezel material Titanium Stainless steel Stainless steel
Dial color Blue Black Black
Clasp Fold over clasp Buckle Fold-over push button clasp with safety
Bezel function Stationary Stationary Stationary
Special features Day & date window Day & date window Date window
Water resistant 165 feet 99 feet 330 feet
Price From $139 From $50 From $256

Credits to

10 Reasons Why Watches Are Important

Now the clear answer to this question is that we use watches to tell time. However, there is much more to buying a watch than telling time. Here are ten reasons why watches are important, and why you should buy a watch.

cool watch

  1. Luxury: First, we must acknowledge that luxury watches are beautiful. They are one of the most classy and luxurious types of jewelry. Thus, buying a watch, be it silver or gold, is practically buying jewelry. And what more can a person want than a vintage piece of luxury?
  2. Self-esteem: People buy a watch to maintain their notion of self-image. It has been proven through studies that owning and wearing a luxury wrist-watch not only boost one’s self-esteem but also decreases social anxiety and helps them fit in into any social group.
  3. Convenience: Watches are simply the most convenient, efficient, and smart choice when it comes to telling time. This is not only because of their advancement, but also because of their mechanics. The mechanism of a watch, though simple, is truly one of the most ingenious designs ever created.
  4. Functionality: Simply put, watches are efficient and functional. They will never let you down when you need them. Although your iPhone or Android phone might stop functioning all of a sudden, you can count on your wrist-watch to keep you on time, in a professional manner.
  5. Mobility: Watches, and specifically wrist-watches, are very easy to handle. They are light, mobile, and pose no weight or burden on their carrier. One can take them anywhere he/she goes and not worry about where to keep them.
  6. Gift: In cases when you can’t find a gift for your friend, family member, or special someone, watches are your way to go. Watches are indeed the perfect gift and anyone would love an authentic watch given to them as a present on their special day.
  7. Fashion: It is of no doubt that watches have always played a major part in fashion. They are good looking, trendy, and always evolving to fit the latest in fashion trends. You can always wear a beautiful, original watch to match your favorite suit.
  8. Impressiveness: You got that right. The next time you try to leave a good impression on someone, make sure you wear an attractive watch. It is proven through scientific studies that watches are perfect when it comes to leaving a good impression.
  9. Beauty: The bold work says it all. Watches are beautiful and no one can deny that.
  10. Class: Watches give a touch of class to whoever is wearing them. Not only do they show that one has a good sense in fashion and style, but also give a level of importance, and succeed in dignifying whoever wears them.

That’s all on 10 reasons why watches are important. So go out there, locate your favorite watch re-seller, and buy a stylish watch. It’s pretty evident that you should. I hope you have found this list helpful and interesting. Stay tune for more posts!